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Want to learn more about solving your most difficult experience challenges using behavioral science and psychology? Check out our current courses below (and learn what other students had to say about their experiences). 

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How to Create Persuasive Experiences


Behavioral Science can be incredibly effective when applied to customer experience, user experience, marketing, and more. But most books and courses don't get into real-world applications, frameworks, or examples.

In this course, we go beyond theory - we go deep into practical applications, use cases, teardowns, and 175+ real-world examples of these behavioral science and psychology principles at work.

This course is suitable for complete beginners and those comfortable with basic behavioral science principles. 


(Coming in 2022) 

Psychology Hacks to

Find More Clients

This course is best suited for:

Entrepreneurs and freelancers

In this mini-course we'll help you find more (and better) clients with 10 behavioral science and psychology principles. 

Develop your relationships so you'll never need to leave your prospecting to chance, or (heaven forbid) Fiverr.

How to Craft an Irresistible Pitch

This course is best suited for: 

Agencies, consultancies, and freelancers

In this mini-course we'll help you craft winning presentations, with insights from neuroscience, behavioral science, and psychology.

From storytelling to memory and deck design, you'll leave this mini-course feeling ready to take on your next pitch.

Rescue Abandoned Baskets

This course is best suited for:

UX and CX strategists, digital marketers

In this mini-course I'll give you clear, actionable insights on how to solve one of the biggest issues in ecommerce, the dreaded abandoned basket.

How to Build User Habits

This course is best suited for:

UX and CX strategists, marketers

In this mini-course we'll examine three leading applications that drive habits through their experiences - Calm, DuoLingo, and Peloton.  

You'll leave with a better understanding how to help users create better habits with science.