Build better experiences with science, not guesswork.

In "How to Create Persuasive Experiences", we'll go beyond theory and learn to apply behavioral science to create persuasive, conversion-focused experiences. 

This course includes 175+ real world examples, tactical playbooks, and practical frameworks that have been battle-tested in the real world.

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Do you know what makes your customers tick?

Let's face it - you can find dozens of books about psychology and behavioral science in any online bookstore. There's no shortage of scientists and academics who've dived into these topics time and time again.

But "How to Create Persuasive Experiences" is different.

In this course, we don't just talk theory or random principles - we go deep into practical applicationsuse cases, tear downs, and more than 175 real-world examples.

Anybody can pick up a basic behavioral science or psychology book and describe these principles. But in this course, we go beyond basic definitions and spend lots of time on real-world examples, patterns, applications and experiments. We'll spend this course: 

  • Applying psychology across the entire customer journey (digital and physical touchpoints)
  • Using data to learn more about our customers' secret motivations
  • Fundamentals of successful experiment design
  • A wide variety of principles and biases - not just the most popular ones

"How to Create Persuasive Experiences" will teach you to use your customers' irrational behavior to your benefit and create better experiences through science, not guesswork. 

Course format and structure

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Analysis, Tear-downs, Quizzes and more

Hit the ground running with practical frameworks and tools that go beyond the obvious - distilling exactly what you need to know to start implementing your learnings right away. 

Best Principles H2CPE

35+ of the Most Effective Principles

The purpose of this course is not to show off how many principles we can shove into our customer journey. Instead, we'll go over only the most effective and pertinent for experiences that motivate action.

H2CPE Real World Examples

175+ Real-world Examples With Analysis

What good is knowledge if you can't act on it? This course is focused on practical application, and was forged from many hours implementing these principles. 

A self-paced, interactive approach means your learning style can flex with your needs. 

What we'll cover in each lesson

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  • LESSON 3

  • LESSON 4

  • LESSON 5

  • LESSON 6

  • LESSON 7


Learn the battle-tested framework for applying behavioral science to the entire customer experience - make sure every touchpoint works holistically to deliver a persuasive, effective AND emotional customer experience. 

Meet your instructor

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founder, choice hacking

behavioral strategist


After years in the trenches of agency, client-side, and startup roles, Jen has developed a unique approach to experience strategy that leverages Behavioral Science. Her work has spanned continents, industries, digital + retail. She holds an MBA from the Goizueta Business School at Emory University and an MS in Creative Brand Management from the VCU Brandcenter. She's also worked with brands like AT&T, Adidas, O2, McDonald's, and more.  

Jen has worked on projects featured in:

Adweek • Ad Age • Fast Company • Campaign • The Financial Times • The Wall Street Journal • Variety • Harvard Business Review • Business Insider • Business Week • Forbes • Fortune • CNBC • USA Today • Mashable • PC Mag • CNET • MIT Technology Review • PSFK •

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Each certificate is assigned a unique identifier code that's only generated once you complete the course.  

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If, for any reason, you are unsatisfied with this course, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. 

"I need practical examples - what good is knowing the science if I don't know how it's used?"

In "How to Create Persuasive Experiences", we walk through 175+ real-world examples - with actionable analysis and tear-downs. 

"Theory's fine, but I need to know how to apply these principles now."

Our proprietary frameworks for auditing, implementing, and experimenting with behavioral science and psychology across the experience are designed so you hit the ground running right away.

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When you join "How to Create Persuasive Experiences", you become part of the Choice Hacking community, made up of some of the smartest people on the planet - all interested in creating more effective experiences through behavioral science and psychology. 

Get started now if you're ready to transform the way you design customer experiences.